Remember the three Rs:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Visit Sustainable Princeton for actions that city is taking to become more sustainable.

In Our Back Yard

Hackensack River Keeper offers bird watching, cruises, kayaking, and environmental education and has fought state and local environmental battles.

New York New Jersey Baykeeper offers focuses on healthy bays and oceans. Volunteer or sign up for one of their cruises.

Visit Bloomfield’s newest public park Morris Canal Park at Oak Tree Lane — a 1,000 foot linear park is built along a surviving section of the historic Morris Canal. (See map: Oaktree Lane Morris Canal )

Shop Local

Stobbs Printing — produced Greener Bloomfield bookmarks — provided design and printing.

Township Resources

Summer tree and yard care


Time to start watering young street trees.

When mulching trees, don’t create a tepee or volcano effect.  Tree flair must be visible – no mulch against tree trunk.


Adjust mower height to 2 1/2 -3 inches.  Eliminate nitrogen fertilizer — keep grass clipping on the lawn for best fertilizer.  Minimal to no watering – grass will hibernate.

Water usage:

Ten tips to reduce your water bill:

How to plant a tree:  The “video/powerpoint”  is a bit fast and can be slowed down by clicking the back arrow. ( If you want the original power point, send us an email.  )  Created by Master Gardener Florence Rollino.