• Earth Day celebration in Bloomfield Library Plaza, 2015. Plastic bags strung on lines are a reminder of the ones that blow into trees, wash down sewer drains, line stream courses and entangle wildlife.
  • Exercise class at the EcoFest, 2015, put on by Greener Bloomfield -- part of Bloomfield’s annual Harvest Fest in September.
  • Display showing how plastic debris, especially plastic bags, move through the environment, ending up in waterways. There are now five garbage patches in the oceans – the largest is the size of the state of Texas. Earth Day event, 2015, sponsored by Greener Bloomfield, in front of the Bloomfield Public Library.
  • Greener Bloomfield member and master gardener, Florence Rollino, demonstrating methods of using kitchen scraps and yard debris to make compost.
  • Tree seedling give-away at 2015 Earth Day celebration sponsored by Greener Bloomfield.

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